Welcome to The Offspin, Europe's Best tribute to one of the world's best punk bands, The Offspring.

On the website you'll find lots of information on the band and its members, plus some live tracks for you guys to download, or check them out on the music player at the bottom of the page! Dont forget to check when and where we're playing next...

The Offspring have sold over 40 million albums worldwide, with hits such as 'The Kids Aren't Alright,' 'Original Prankster,' 'Come Out And Play' and 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy' to name only a few. They hold the record for the biggest selling indie record of all time - Smash -, which went on to sell over 11 million albums, and has gone down in history as one of the best punk records ever.

'The thrashing maelstrom of revellers threw themselves into the set with deliciously gleeful, often anarchic abandon, immersing themselves in The Offspin's faultless covers' Rated 5/5 - Bristol365 2016

'These guys were incredible. They actually sound like them! I was really quite impressed and blown away by the skills they obviously have' - SecretSmiler Show Review 2010

'The Offspin are a Pretty Fly Tribute Band, Playing all your favourite Offspring songs' - Kentish Express 2015

The busy world of The Offspin! 

Evening all! Had a brilliant gig last week at the eagle tavern in Rochester, meet some proper offspring fans up there, Mohawks and everything. Looking forward to this Saturday at chambers folkestone allways a great night. Some bad news I'm affraid due to unforeseen circumstances the gillingham show has been canceled 11th July it is going to be reschuled very soon, so keep an eye out! Cheers stu


Two more gigs added to the 'Shows' page, we've been invited back to The Louis Armstrong (Dover) and The Carlisle! (Hastings) Also we smashed High Wycombe a new one Friday night with the help of 'Fuck Shovel' Check them out at www.fuckshovel.com :)

3 Countys in 3 weeks!! 

May has been a busy month for us! The Louis Armstrong in Dover, Kent. The 'Awsome' Carlisle in Hastings, Sussex and Tonight were at Scorpios bar in High Wycombe, Hertfordshire! Hope to see loads of you there just about to head to the venue now! :) Had a great Month thanks to everyone thats came along to are gigs each one was fantastic! Stu

What a Weekend! 

Big thanks to everyone that came to are first gig off the year @ Gees Bar, Sandgate. Was a fantastic start to what is going to be a great year for The Offspin. Were see you in a couple of weeks in Dover! Stu :)

High Whycombe here we come! 

Hi all, new gig date just added in the drummers home town of High Whycombe @ Scorpions bar! Going to be a great show! Plus theres only 2 weeks till we hit the road, Cant wait, C ya, Stu

First show @ Gee's Bar Sandgate 

Just confirmed are First gig of the year, at the Awesome 'Gee's bar' In Sandgate, Hope to see some familar faces there, as we will celebrating are first gig of the summer tour in drunken style, Cya Stu :)

Rehearsals for 2014 shows, and Shows page updated! 

We've been busy rehearsing this past week, a few classics  have been chucked in, including a song from there self titled album, Beheaded! Check out the shows page as some of are 2014 shows are now online, plus a cracking photo of Terry and Tom prancing about with are new back drop! See you next week with anouther The Offspin update, Stu

Gig update plus new Back Drop! 

Thats right more gigs have been booked, so keep your good eye on the 'shows' page as there going to be added very soon! Also are new back drop has just arrived, expect some great photos of us rehearsing for are up coming shows with it! Bye for now Chaps, stu

Live Studio Recordings! 

That's right, The Offspin have been very busy. We've picked a few of are favourite Offspring songs and recorded them the only way songs should be recorded, LIVE! Warts and all! Check them out on the music player or log on to your Soundcloud and share away... Thanks Guys, Stu

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