Our Story

Based in the South East, London and Surrounding Areas we have been playing together since 2009. Were all very accomplised players with members working in the music industry and members with high levels of musical education.

Starting off as a 'fun band' too play music we loved and grow up with, it soon turned into something more serious. To date we play almost the whole back catalog off The Offspring's music, a well rehearsed and solid band. Currently preparing for the year ahead which is going to be a busy one!

Tom Brockwell - Drums
Dan Reene - Bass
Stuart Cameron - Guitar/Vocals
Jamie Flaherty - Vocals

Dan uses:

Fender Guitars
Fender Amplification
Ernie Ball Strings

Tom Uses:

Mapex Drums
Pasite Cymbels
Sabian Cymbels
Evans Heads
Remo Heads
Vic Firth Sticks
Pearl Pedals
Dixon Hardware

Stuart uses:

Marshall Amplification
Ibanez rg Guitars
Diamzio Pickups
Ernie Ball Strings
Venom Leads
Shure Wireless Systems